Windows into History – Ardmore StoryMap

The Ardmore Initiative is pleased to present the “Windows Into History” Ardmore StoryMap!  This map coincides with the launch of a series of historic walking tours celebrating Ardmore’s Sesquicentennial.   More information about guided walking tours can be found here.

Ardmore StoryMap: 

The “Windows Into History” Ardmore StoryMap was created by Kathleen Abplanalp, Director of Historic Preservation at the Lower Merion Conservancy. It is brought to you by the Conservancy, Ardmore Initiative, Lower Merion Township, and the Lower Merion Historical Society. This StoryMap especially benefitted from the intellectual contributions of Greg Prichard, Historic Preservation Planner for Lower Merion Township.

The StoryMap, which can be used on a mobile device, tablet, or computer, employs images, interactive maps, and other historical sources to document the development history of downtown Ardmore over a period of approximately 125 years. The StoryMap complements Windows into History, an Ardmore Initiative project that has placed historic images of downtown Ardmore in unoccupied storefront windows.

Most of the buildings featured in this StoryMap are contained within the Ardmore Commercial Historic District — the intent of which is to preserve the historic character of central Ardmore. The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB), a Township advisory board, reviews proposed changes to buildings in the district. “Before and After” photos in this StoryMap document the role that HARB has played in helping both to preserve and to re-establish Ardmore’s unique historic character.

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Access the StoryMap HERE. 

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